How It Works

How It Works

We make the process super easy for you.

  1. Select an outfit. If you are unsure of sizing or fit, be sure to book a complimentary styling appointment at our Sydney CBD studio via
  2. Book your outfit online by selecting size and entering the date you would like to receive the item.
  3. Choose whether to have the dress shipped to you, or to pick-up/drop-off. We also give you the returns satchel!
  4. Once you have worn your item, return in the satchel provided to you.


A few extra’s to note:

  • We do the dry cleaning!¬†
  • We offer FREE backup sizes (depending on¬†availability)
  • Only $20 for a backup style
  • Avoid shipping charges with pick-up/drop-off
  • Try on your dress before you rent it!

✉️ Got a question? Email us at